Paper & Print Industry

The fibrous nature of paper product and caustic nature of ink can cause extensive wear and corrosive issues in this Industry.

Our Surface modification techniques improves coefficient of friction for excellent pulling or pushing of paper , wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and have a low coefficient of friction to prevent wet paper or adhesives or ink from sticking to a rolls surface.

Applications :

  • Calendar Rolls
  • Suction Rolls
  • Winder Drums
  • Pump Sleeves
  • Printing Rolls
  • Guide Rolls
  • Grip Rolls
  • Center Press Rolls
  • Coiling Rolls
  • Groove Press Rolls
  • Doctor Blades
  • Dryer Drums
  • Corrugator Rolls
  • Winding Rolls
  • Archimedes's Screws
  • Drying cylinders
  • Press screws
  • Ink doctor Rolls
  • Corona Rolls
  • Plate & blanket cylinders
  • Anilox Rolls